Crown Colony:

Chris Yerinides - Vocals, Guitar

Stephen Vermilyea - Vocals, Bass

Danen Saviano - Guitar

Gavin Pomerantz - Drums, Percussion


Additional Musicians on this record:

Brian Eldridge - Baritone guitar on “False Idols”

Chuck Chesler - Piano, keyboard, and organ on “Black Sheep,” “Keep On,” “Ignorance,” and “Skies”


Crown Colony is proud to have worked with the following people in creating this record:

Production - Brian Eldridge and Chris Yerinides

Engineering - Brian Eldridge, Evan Bakke, Tim Walsh, and Tim Leffingwell

Mixing - Evan Bakke

Mastering - West West Side Music

Guitar Technician - Jason Kyek

Album Artwork - Margaret McDonald

Photography - Dan Saunders

Album Design - Dani Caruso


All music written by Chris Yerinides and Stephen Vermilyea

All music performed by Crown Colony except where otherwise noted

Recorded at Gold Coast Recorders in Bridgeport, CT

Additional vocal and percussion tracks recorded at WHUS Radio in Storrs, CT


Thank you to every single person who has held one of our records, sung in the crowd, shared a stage with us, or otherwise been a part of this incredible endeavor.

We especially want to thank:

Chris Ruggiero for maintaining an incredible studio at GCR | WHUS for being our home base; the Pomerantz and Yerinides/Campbell families for giving us spaces to write and rehearse these songs | Adrian Everett for lending us his guitar for “Keep On” | Coffee and burrito bowls for keeping us energized | Philly Fuzz and Egnater for giving us the ability to dial in the meanest guitar tones | Crescendo Music for supplying us with gear | The entire community surrounding Norwalk, CT for continuously working with and inspiring us (we take extreme pride in having the ability to do everything locally) | The numerous bands and artists across all genres whose existence help us push our own creative boundaries | And once again, YOU - the weirdo who’s still reading the liner notes this far down on a local band’s record. You truly are the best, and we thank you with ever fiber of our being.




Lyrics - Crown Colony

Art - Margaret McDonald

Poetry - Benjamin Wiseman




Story - Chris Yerinides

Illustrations - Margaret McDonald




Filming - Dan Saunders (Frozen Moments Photography), Wesley Ortiz (Fix It In Post)

Editing - Dan Saunders, Chris Yerinides




Design - Margaret McDonald

Printed Locally by Crown Prints (Norwalk, CT)