A genre like rock carries with it, a layer of founding power. Not a label that channels thoughts of severe sub-genre derivation, (Think of a pure color of blue, as opposed to a cerulean, royal or denim blue.) often times finding a band that turns to this cornerstone style of sound can feel like a coming home –a classic that prompts a certain kind of familiarity and leaves its fans hoping for the music to evoke a particular emotional and nostalgic response, sans an excess of predictability. A band that chooses to identify with – and perpetuate the torch of – such a base line style, is dealing with a forked road of starkly contrasting and sensitive proportions.
— Kira Grunenberg, Throw the Dice and Play Nice


(From left to right)

Stephen Vermilyea
Bass / Vocals

Chris Yerinides
Vocals / Guitar

Tyler Telesco (not pictured)

Danen Saviano